Monday, September 7, 2009

Impact of H1N1 to pregnant women

Pregnant women infected with 2009 novel H1N1 had a higher rate of hospitalization and greater risk of death than the general population due to the H1N1 flu, according to a study in the Aug. 8 issue of the British medical journal Lancet.

The data collected and analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are the most comprehensive available to date on the impact of this novel H1N1 flu virus among pregnant women.

Six deaths of pregnant women with H1N1 were reported to CDC between April 15 and June 16, 2009, representing 13 percent of the total 45 deaths reported to CDC during that time period. All were healthy prior to infection of H1N1 and subsequently developed primary viral pneumonia leading to acute respiratory distress requiring mechanical ventilation.

All pregnant women who died did not receive antivirals soon enough to benefit their treatment. The CDC recommends that pregnant women with suspected or confirmed influenza infection receive prompt treatment with antiviral medication.

I hope that every women in pregnancy will more take care of your health.

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